BUOS Sp. zo.o. has over 25 years of experience in the field of domestic and foreign trade.
We carry out economic activity related to international trade in special purpose goods.

We closely cooperate with private companies, government and military institutions, research institutions and training centers,
and production-assembly facilities both in the scope of supplying weapons and equipment,aviation parts, control
and measurement devices, but also as consultants and intermediaries in long-term projects.

We import products with military-police designation. We offer modern and proven equipment for uniformed services.
We provide warranty service and post-warranty support for all our products.

Key Dates in the History of  BUOS Company

  • Ordinance No. 400 of the Minister of Heavy Industry Establishing the BUUS company (Special Equipment Start-up Office)


  • Establishing and transforming  BUSS into BUOS (Weapons, Services and Shooting Equipment Factory)


  • BUOS (Weapons, Services and Shooting Equipment Factory) receives a concession of the Minister of Interior to manufacture and trade in weapons.


  • The position of the President of the Management Board is taken by Dr.Eng. Witold Płecha


  • BUOS (Weapons, Services and Shooting Equipment Factory) receives a new extended Concession of No B-283/2003 of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration. The company changes its basic profile from production to commercial.


  • The company develops new areas of international trade in the areas of weapons and aviation, thus shortening the company name, that is still today – BUOS.


  • We are launching European distribution of brands such as DANIEL DEFENSE and HS PRODUKT and in addition to that we are setting up service center for both commercial and institutional purposes.


  • Due to farther development of International Sales and European Distribution we are moving our Company to the new location near Warsaw.